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Immigration and Population Aging (Volume 22, Number 2)

  • Immigration and an Aging America
  • The Contribution of Immigration to Reducing Aging in America: Application of the Senior Ratio to Census Projections
  • A Demographic Profile of Older Immigrants in the United States
  • Welfare Program Participation Among Older Immigrants
  • Foreign-Born Workers in Long-Term Supportive Services

Authors: Robert B. Hudson, Steven A. Camarota, Dowell Myers, Janet M. Wilmoth, Kerstin Gerst, Jeffrey A. Burr, Walter Leutz


Bringing Justice to Elder Abuse and Neglect (Volume 22, Number 1)

  • Elder Abuse: Existing National Policies and Programs to Defend the Rights and Safety of Older Adults
  • Forward: Elderly Abuse Deserves Our Attention
  • High-Cost Blind Spot
  • History of the Elder Justice Act
  • Evaluating and Enhancing Federal Responses to Abuse and Neglect in Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Adult Protective Services Face Critical Challenges
  • Elder Financial Abuse in the News
  • Future Directions for Elder Abuse: Advancing Research, Education, and Training, and Continued Policy Efforts
  • The Archstone Foundation Elder Abuse and Neglect Initiative

Authors: Robert B. Hudson, XinQi Dong, Melissa A. Simon, Peter King, Herb Kohl, Marie-Therese Connolly, Robert B. Blancato, Alison E. Hirschel, Georgia J. Anetzberger, Kathleen M. Quinn, Paula M. Mixson, Pamela B. Teaster, Karen A. Roberto, John N. Migliaccio, Sandra Timmermann, Robert B. Blancato, Archstone Foundation

America's Opportunity: The Potential Of An Aging Society (Volume 21, Number 4)

  • Standing for, Not Standing by: The Senate Special Committee on Aging’s First 50 Years
  • Successful Societal Adaptation to the Aging of America
  • Is Intergenerational Cohesion Falling Apart in Old Europe?
  • Strategies for Housing Policy Action in an Aging America
  • The Growing Importance of Older Workers

Authors: Robert B. Hudson, John W. Rowe, Axel Boersch-Supan, Gabriel Heller, Anette Reil-Held, Shirley Franklin, Jane Hickie, Richard W. Johnson

Integrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Older Adults into Aging Policy and Practice (Volume 21, Number 3)

  • Resilience and Disparities among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Older Adults
  • The Diverse Elders Coalition and LGBT Aging: Connecting Communities, Issues, and Resources in a Historic Moment
  • Reflections on Advancing an LGBT Aging Agenda
  • How Health Care Reform Will Help LGBT Elders
  • Safe Spaces? The Need for LGBT Cultural Competency in Aging Services
  • The Policy Issues and Social Concerns Facing Older Adults with HIV
  • Improving the Lives of Transgender Older Adults
  • Bridging the Service Gap: LGBT Older Adults, Public-Private Partnerships and Program Innovation
  • LGBT Aging: Research and Policy Directions

Authors: Karen I. Fredriksen-Goldsen, Robert Espinoza, Michael Adams, Kellan Baker, Jeff Krehely, Hilary Meyer, Daniel Tietz, Nathan Schaefer, Harper Jean Tobin, Lilliam Barrios-Paoli, Catherine Thurston, Brian de Vries

To Raise or Not To Raise: The Social Security Retirement Age (Volume 21, Number 2)

  • The Social Security Retirement Age(s) Debate: Perspectives and Consequences
  • Raising the Retirement Age: A Biologist's Perspective
  • Raising the Retirement Age: Is It Fair for Low-Income Workers and Minorities?
  • Making a Case for Working Longer at Older Ages
  • Does Betty White Have it Right? The Implications of Raising the Retirement Age for Women
  • Raising the Minimal Retirement Age: Psychological Issues

Authors: Eric Kingson, Nancy Altman, Steven N. Austad, Jacqueline L. Angel, Stipica Mudrazija, Barbara Butrica, Pamela Herd, Neil Charness, Sara J. Czaja

Older Workers: Problems and Prospects in an Aging Workforce (Volume 21, Number 1)

  • The Future for Older Workers: Good News or Bad?
  • Demand for Older Workers Despite the Economic Recession: Accommodation and Universal Design for the New American Workforce
  • The Labor Market Experiences and Problems of America's Low Income Older Workers in Recent Years
  • Older Workers, The Great Recession, and The Impact of Long-Term Unemployment
  • Boomers Sail into Retirement-or Do They?
  • Promoting Employment and Community Service among Low-Income Seniors: The Successes and Challenges of the Senior Community Service Employment Program
Authors: Bob Harootyan, Tony Sarmiento, Neeta P. Fogg, Paul E. Harrington, Andrew Sum, Ishwar Khatiwada, Mykhaylo Trubskyy, Sara E. Rix, Judith G. Gonyea, Robert B. Hudson

Biomedical Research and Public Policy (Volume 20, Number 4)

  • Aging, Health, and Longevity in the 21st Century
  • The First 150-Year-Old Human
  • Biomarkers of Aging: From Marking Time to Moving Forward
  • Biogerontology: The Early Struggles for Funding and Scientific Stature
  • The Science of Aging Gracefully: Scientists and the Public Talk about Aging Research
Authors: S. Jay Olshansky, Steven N. Austad, Donald K. Ingram, Robert H. Binstock, Alison Kadlec, Ana Maria Arumi, John Immerwahr, Lucyann Barry

We Are What We Breathe, Eat, and Do (Volume 20, Number 3)

  • Environmental Threats to Healthy Aging: An Ecological Perspective
  • The Food Environment: Changing 50 Years of Growing an Inflammatory Diet
  • The Chemical Environment: Toxic Chemicals, Hazardous Substances, and Chronic Diseases of Aging
  • The Built Environment; Planning Healthy Communities for all Ages: Community Design, Neighborhood Change, and Impact on Older Adults
  • The Psychosocial Environment: An Intergenerational Approach

Authors: Ted Schettler, Maria Valenti, Michelle Gottlieb, Emma Sirois, Maye Thompson, Marybeth Palmigiano, Regina Gray, Rodney Harrell, Kathy Sykes, Daniel R. George, Peter J. Whitehouse

Bringing CLASS to Long-Term Care Through the Affordable Care Act (Volume 20, Number 2)

  • Health Care Reform and Long-Term Care: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Part
  • What Does Health Reform Mean for Long-Term Care?
  • The CLASS Act and Long-Term Care Policy Reform: A Perspective
  • Dueling Talking Points: Technical Issues in Constructing and Passing the CLASS Act
  • The Circular Relationship Between Enrollment and Premiums: Effects on the CLASS Program Act
  • Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Program and Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Improvements in the Federal Health Care Reform Law
  • The CLASS Act: A New Paradigm for Aging in America

Authors: Lisa R. Shugarman, Joshua M. Wiener, Walter D. Dawson, Barbara Manard, Anne Tumlinson, Weiwen Ng, Eric Hammelman, Rhonda Richards, Kathryn R. Roberts

Advancing Home and Community-Based Services: Transforming Policies, Programs, and Service Delivery in Long-Term Care (Volume 20, Number 1)

  • The Evolving Balance of Formal and Informal, Institutional and Non-Institutional Long-Term Care for Older Americans: A Thirty-Year Perspective
  • Recent Findings on Home and Community-Based Services Across the States
  • The Role of the Aging Services Network in Balancing and Transforming the Long-Term Care System
  • Strengthening the Direct Care Workforce: Preliminary Recommendations from a National Panel of Experts in Long-Term Care
  • The Benefits of Consumer-Directed Services for Elders and Their Caregivers in the Cash and Counseling Demonstration and Evaluation
  • What Does Research Tell Us About a Policy Option to Hire Relatives as Caregivers?
  • Can Elephants Learn to Dance? Ohio's Efforts to Create a Balanced System of Long-Term Services and Supports

Authors: Pamela Doty, Miriam Rose, Farida K. Ejaz, Linda S. Noelker, Melissa Castora-Binkley, Suzanne R. Kunkel, Abbe E. Lackmeyer, Richard Browdie, Lori Simon-Rusinowitz, Dawn M. Loughlin, Kathleen Ruben, Genevieve Martinez Garcia, Kevin J. Mahoney, Robert Applebaum, Shahla Mehdizadeh

The Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program: Building a Network of Future Leaders (Volume 19, Number 4)

  • The Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program: An Overview
  • The American Political Science Association Congressional Fellowship Program and the Health and Aging Policy Fellowship
  • Connection Power: Influencing Health Workforce Policy for the Aged
  • Impact of Reform in the U.S. Health Care Markets on Health Disparities
  • Brian's Excellent Adventure
  • Duals, Drugs, and Delivery Systems: Health Care Reform in DC
  • A Two-Branch View of Public Policy and Aging
  • A Year of Living Dynamically: A Gerontological Social Worker's Experience as a Congressional Fellow During Health Care Reform
  • Even If 60 Is the New 40, What Does it Matter? Moving Beyond Age-Defined Health Policy

Authors: Jeffrey R. Biggs, Elizabeth J. Bragg, Toni P. Miles, Brian Hensel, Judy T. Zerzan, Gregory A. Hinrichsen, Gretchen E. Alkema, Kathryn G. Kietzman

Enhancing Elderly Financial Security (Volume 19, Number 3)

  • The Recession's Impact on Older Workers
  • Pension Design in the Crisis
  • Planning for Retirement: The Importance of Financial Literacy
  • Improving Retirement Security Through the Increased Use of Annuities in 401(k) Plans
  • Savings for Life: Building a Better American System for Saving

Authors: Richard W. Johnson, Christian E. Weller, Annamaria Lusardi, David C. John, Raymond O'Mara III, Pamela Perun

Women’s Health and Retirement Security (Volume 19, Number 2)

  • Workplace Policies, Caregiving, and Women's Long-term Income Security
  • In Health Care Reform, Congress Considers First Nursing Home Reforms in Two Decades
  • The Care Gap: Needs Versus Rights
  • A New Social Security Agenda
  • Medicaid Home and Community Based Services: Proposed Policies to Improve Access, Costs, and Quality

Authors: Eliza K. Pavalko, Joseph D. Wolfe, Janet C. Wells, Pamela Herd, Madonna Harrington Meyer, Carroll L. Estes, Charlene Harrington, Terence Ng, H. Stephen Kaye, Robert J. Newcomer

Livable and Sustainable Communities (Volume 19, Number 1)

  • Aging in Place Solutions for Older Americans: Groupthink Responses Not Always in Their Best Interests
  • New Approaches to Housing and Aging in Place
  • Creating Lifelong Communities: One Region's Response to the Opportunity of Longevity
  • Case Studies
  • Leisureville: Adventures in America's Retirement Utopias

Authors: Stephen M. Golant, Jon Pynoos, Caroline Cicero, Kathryn Lawler, Cathie Berger, Andrew D. Blechman

Aging and Tax Policy (Volume 18, Number 4)

  • Income Tax Breaks for the Elderly—How Did We Get Here?
  • Federal Taxes and the Elderly
  • Older Americans and Federal Income Taxation
  • Revisiting State Tax Preferences for Seniors
  • State and Local Property Tax Burdens in 2005

Authors: Karen Smith Conway, Jonathan C. Rork, Rudolph G. Penner, John Gist, Elizabeth C. McNichol, David Baer

The Evolving Aging Network (Volume 18, Number 3)

  • The Aging Services Network: Broad Mandate and Increasing Responsibilities
  • Evolution of the Aging Network: Modernization and Long-Term Care Initiatives
  • The Aging Network: State of the States
  • Toward Inclusion: A Public-Centered Approach to Promote Civic Engagement by the Elderly

Authors: Carol V. O'Shaughnessy, Suzanne R. Kunkel, Abbe Lackmeyer, Richard Browdie, Melissa Castora, Jeffrey Kahana, Lawrence T. Force

Gray and Green Together (Volume 18, Number 2)

  • Taking Action: Environmental Volunteerism and Civic Engagement by Older People
  • Environmentalism as an Aging Issue
  • From "Green Old Age" to "Green Seniors": A Synoptic History of Elders and Environmentalism
  • To Endow Every Child
  • Gray + Green = Win/Win for Local Communities

Authors: Karl Pillemer, Linda P. Wagenet, Harry R. Moody, W. Andrew Achenbaum, Kathleen Sykes, Tracey Manning, Patricia A. Campbell, Barbara J. Schmeckpepper, Paula L. Dressel, Gordon Walker

The Aging Population (Volume 18, Number 1)

  • America's Regional Demographics in the Early 21st Century: The Role of Seniors, Boomers, and New Minorities

Author: William H. Frey

Global Aging: Rise and Consequences (Volume 17, Number 4)

  • Demographic Change, Fiscal Sustainability, and Macroeconomic Performance
  • Global Aging: Opportunities and Threats to American Security
  • Global Aging and the Demographic Divide
  • Graying of the Global Population

Authors: David E. Bloom, David Canning, Mark L. Haas, Carl Haub, Adele M. Hayutin

Policy Lags, Disconnects, and Stagnation (Volume 17, Number 3)

  • 10 Reasons Why Shake-Ups in the Life Course Should Change Approaches to Old-Age Policies
  • Demographic Trends Contributing to Structural Lag and Policy Stagnation
  • Too Much, Too Little, Just Right? Policy Disconnects in an Aging Society
  • Changing Marital Rates and Stagnant Social Security Policy
  • Structural Barriers to Developing 'Aging-Friendly' Communities

Authors: Richard Settersten, Janet Wilmoth, Charles Longino, Debra Street, Madonna Harrington Meyer, Amanda Lehning, Yuna Chun, Andrew Scharlach

Old Age and “The Great Risk Shift” (Volume 17, Number 2)

  • "The Great Risk Shift": Issues for Aging and Public Policy
  • Pressures on Retirement Income Security
  • Risky Medicare: Vouchers, Private Plans and Defined Contributions
  • Risk in Motion: The National Retirement Risk Index
  • Increasing Debt Risk of Those Age 55 or Older, 1992-2004

Authors: Jacob Hacker, Teresa Ghilarducci, Marilyn Moon, Alicia Munnell, Craig Copeland

The Longevity Revolution: How Science Centers Can Engage an Older America (Volume 17, Number 1)

  • The Longevity Revolution: New Opportunities for Science Centers
  • Overview of Science Organizations
  • Science Centers and the Aging Network
  • Growing Old or Living Long: A New Perspective on the Aging Brain
  • Responding to the Longevity Revolution: How Can Science Centers Engage an Older America?
  • Confronting Demographic Denial: Retaining Relevance in the Millennium
  • Staying Sharp: Learning for Longevity
  • Encompassing Diversity: Engaging Older Adults Through New Partnerships
  • What Research Says About Learning and the Aging Brain

Authors: Russell Morgan, David Ellis, Ellen Wahl, Richard Browdie, Laura Cartensen, Greg O'Neill, Linda Harootyan, Eric Jolly, Annette Norsman, Harry Moody, Maddie Correa Ziegler

Civic Engagement and the New Promise of Old Age (Volume 16, Number 4)

  • A Critical Reflection on Civic Engagement
  • Transforming Aging: The Civic Engagement of Adults 55+
  • Civic Ventures: Looking Backward, Planning Forward
  • Terms of Engagement: The Right and Left Look at Elder Civic Activism
  • SCSEP: Civic Enagagement for Low-Income Seniors?
  • References on Civic Engagement

Authors: Martha Holstein, Sabrina L. Reilly, W. Andrew Achenbaum, Robert B. Hudson

Public Policy & Aging Report at 10 Years (Volume 16, Number 3)

  • Public Policy & Aging Report at 10 years
  • Imagining Medicare’s Next Generation
  • Work in the New Retirement
  • Diversity, Disparities, and Inequalities in Aging: Implications for Policy
  • Income and Poverty in the United States in Comparative Perspective: The Role of Income and Wealth in Guaranteeing Economic Security in Old Age
  • It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Long-Term Care Anymore!

Authors: R.B. Hudson, G. O’Neill, E.F. Lawlor, S.E. Rix, K. Whitfield, J. Angel, L. Burton, M. Hayward, T.M. Smeeding, J. Williamson, E. Sierminska, J. Gormick, A. Brandolini, J.M. Wiener

Disasters and Aging (Volume 16, Number 2)

  • Disasters and Older Adults: Bringing a Policy Blindspot into the Light
  • Before the Flood: What Policymakers Can Learn from the Great Chicago Heat Wave
  • Hurricane Katrina: Unequal Opportunity Disaster
  • The Ethics of Evacuation
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression Among Older Adults after a Disaster: The Role of Ongoing Trauma and Stressors

Authors: Thomas A. Glass, Eric Klinenberg, Nancy Wilson, Harry R. Moody, Melissa Tracy, Sandro Galea

2005 White House Conference on Aging (Volume 16, Number 1)

  • The 2005 White House Conference on Aging: No Time for Seniors
  • Cathedral Builders Wanted: Constructing a New Vision of Technology for Old Age
  • Social Security and Medicare: President Bush and the Delegates Reject Each Other
  • Civic Engagement at the 2005 White House Conference on Aging
  • Mental Health and Aging at the 2005 White House Conference on Aging
  • Housing and the 2005 White House Conference on Aging: A Springboard for Change or Much Ado About Nothing
  • The White House Conference on Aging in 2015: The Shape of Things to Come

Authors: Robert B. Hudson, Joseph F. Coughlin, Jasmin Lau, Robert H. Binstock, Nancy Morrow-Howell, Deborah DiGilio, Michael Smyer, Jon Pynoos, Harry R. Moody

Emerging Paradigms in Long-Term Care (Volume 15, Number 4)

  • Long-Term Care Challenges for an Aging America: Improving Technology and Changing the System's Culture as Critical Parts of the Solution
  • Creating Lifespan Communities
  • Consumer Direction: Changing the Landscape of Long-Term Care
  • Age, Technology, and Culture: Gerontopia or Dystopia?
  • From Research Intervention to Social Practice
  • Aware Home Technology: Potential Benefits for Older Adults

Authors: Robert Applebaum, Neil Charness, Farida K. Ejaz, Arthur D. Fisk, Cary Kart, Jennifer Kinney, Suzanne R. Kunkel, Ian M. Nelson, Linda S. Noelker, Wendy Rogers, Phillip B. Stafford, Jane Straker

Older Americans 2004 (Volume 15, Number 3)

  • Health Status in Later Life
  • The Economic Well-Being of Older Americans and the Persistent Divide
  • Health Care Utilization and Cost and the Aging Society

Authors: Brooke Harrow, Christine L. Hines, Judith G. Gonyea,

Older Drivers: Policy and Practice Issues (Volume 15, Number 2)

  • A Brief Look at Driver License Renewal Policies in the United States
  • Public and Private Policy Initiatives to Move Seniors Foward
  • Screening and Assessment of Medically at-Risk Drivers
  • TABLE: Driver License Renewal Policies in the United States
  • Self-Screening by Older Drivers
  • Identification of at-Risk Drivers: Professional and Reimbursement Issues
  • Policy Recommendations to the 2005 White House Conference on Aging

Authors: David Carr, Elin Schold Davis, Bonnie M. Dobbs, David W. Eby, Katherine Freund, Lisa J. Molnar, Maureen Freda Peterson, Loren Staplin

Election ‘04 and Politics ‘05 (Volume 15, Number 1)

  • The Non-distinctiveness of Senior Voters in the 2004 Election
  • Americans' Agenda in Aging for the New Congress
  • Don't Lump Seniors
  • Florida's Senior Voters in Election 2004: Results, Top Issues, Reforms and New Concerns
  • The Great Social Security Battle of 2005
  • The U.S. Election and Aging Policy: The View from France

Authors: Drew E. Altman, John Benson, Robert Blendon, Mollyann Brodie, Melanie Burns, Andrea Louis Campbell, Fay Lomax Cook, Elizabeth Hamel, Lawrence Jacobs, Susan MacManus, Tricia Neuman, Bob Rosenblatt

Aging and Disability: Congruence or Conflict? (Volume 14, Number 4)

  • Public Policy Writ Small: Coalitions at the Intersection of Aging and Lifelong Disabilities
  • Issues in the Further Integration of Aging and Disability Service
  • Disability and Aging: The Quest for Coherent Public Policy
  • Coalitions Between Aging and Disability Interests: Potential Effects on Choice and Control for Older People

Authors: Edward F. Ansello, Elias S. Cohen, Rosalie Kane, Michelle Putnam

A Looming Labor Shortage? (Volume 14, Number 3)

  • Will There Really be a Labor Shortage?
  • It's Time to Retire Retirement
  • Age Discrimination in Employment: Why Its Predicted Demise is Off the Mark
  • Demographics Matter: The Economic Reality of an Aging Society
  • About Face: Europe Eyes Older Worker Retention

Authors: Peter Cappelli, Ken Dychtwald, Tamara Erickson, Bob Morison, Laurie McCann, Steven Nyce, Sylvester Schieber, Sara Rix.

The Pros and Cons of Anti-Aging Medicine (Volume 14, Number 2)

  • From Here to Immortality
  • The Prolonged Old, The Long-Lived Society, and the Politics of Age
  • From Goat Glands to HGH: The Historical Search to Eliminate Aging
  • Normal Aging, Disease Prevention, and Medical Ethics
  • There is Some Truth to the Fountain of Youth
    (But it May Be a While Until We Can Drink)
  • The Long-Lived Society: An Argument in Defense of the Deceleration of Aging as an Alternative to the Burdens of an Aging Society

Authors: Leonard Hayflick, Robert H. Binstock, Carole Haber, Eric Juengst, Roselle Ponsaran, Thomas Johnson, Stephen Post.

Technology and Aging (Volume 14, Number 1)

  • Computer-Based Technology and Caregiving for Older Adults: Exploring the Range of Possibilities and Beyond
  • Privacy, Ethics, and Caregiving Technology for Older Adults
  • Introducing Telecare: The International Experience
  • Evidence Regarding Patient and Provider Perceptions and Health Indicators for Telehome Health
  • Why Do We Need Technology for Caregiving of Older Adults in the U.S.?
  • Adopting New Technology Into Society: Going from an Idea to an Institution
  • The Use of Technologies in Home and Community-Based Caregiving of Older Adults: Cost-Evidence?
  • Coordinating the Care of Veterans Patients and Providing the Right Care at the Right Time in the Right Place
  • Promoting the Caregiving of Older Americans Through Technology: Opportunities and Challenges

Authors: Russell E. Morgan, Michael D. Cantor, James Barlow, Pamela Whitten, Jonathan B. Perlin, Robert H. Roswell, Michael J. Ackerman, Brooke S. Harrow, Adams W. Darkins, Richard Schulz

Medicare 2003: A Beginning or an End? (Volume 13, Number 4)

  • Medicare Reform: Fact, Fiction, and Foolishness
  • Medicare Rx: Just a Few of the Reasons Why It Was So Difficult to Pass
  • Medicare: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • Medicare Privatization: The Case of "Fallback" Drug Coverage
  • The Social Security and Medicare Debate Three Years After the 2000 Election
  • Groundhog Day: The Endless Debate Over Medicare Reform

Authors: Theodore R. Marmor, Jacob S. Hacker, William G. Weissert, Robert B. Hudson, Edward F. Lawlor, Stephen Crystal

Disparities in Health Status and Health Care (Volume 13, Number 3)

  • The Landscape of Health Disparities Among Older Adults
  • Disparities in Health Status and Health Care
  • Hispanic Diversity and Health Care Coverage
  • Weathering Towards Poorer Health in Later Life: Co-morbidity in Urban Low-income Families
  • Pathways to Progress in Eliminating Racial Disparities in Health

Authors: Keith E. Whitfield, Mark Hayward, Linda Burton, Robert B. Hudson, Jacqueline L. Angel, Ronald J. Angel, Thomas A. LaVeist

Emerging Crisis: The Geriatric Care Workforce (Volume 13, Number 2)        
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  • Emerging Crisis: The Geriatric Care Workforce
  • Swimming Upstream: Geriatric Mental Health Workforce
  • Frontline Caregivers in Nursing Facilities: Can Policy Help in Recruitment and Retention Crisis
  • The Geriatric Social Work Labor Force: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Training Physicians in Geriatric Care: Responding to Critical Need
  • Nursing's Geriatric Workforce: Caring for Older Adults

Authors: Robert B. Hudson, Dennis G. Shea, Susan C. Eaton, Judith G. Gonyea, Alexandra Curley, Greg O'Neill, Mathy Mezey, Christina Tassone Kovner

Law, Policy, and the End-of-Life (Volume 13, Number 1)

  • End-of-Life Care: Issues and Options
  • De-Balkanizing State Advance Directive Law
  • End-of-Life Care: How Do We Pay For It?
  • End-of-Life Care for the Medicaid Population
  • The New Place of End-of-Life Issues on the Policy Agenda
  • SPECIAL SECTION: Means to a Better End: A Report on Dying in America Today (excerpt)

Authors: Charles P. Sabatino, Judith R. Peres, Jane A. Tilly, Joshua M. Wiener, Myra J. Christopher.

Religion and Health (Volume 12, Number 4)

  • The Links Between Religion and Health: Are They Real?
  • Religion and Health: Legal and Policy Implications
  • The Many Causal Pathways Linking Religion to Health
  • Religion, Health, and Aging: Implications for Practice and Public Policy
  • Some Thoughts on a Faith-Based Initiative in Long-Term Care
  • Having Faith in an Aging Health System: Policy Perspectives

Authors: Linda K. George, Ellen L. Idler, Harold G. Koenig, Robert G. Brooks, Robert H. Binstock

Minorities and Retirement Security (Volume 12, Number 3)

  • Getting Ready and Getting Credit: Populations of Color and Retirement Security
  • Workers of Color and Pathways to Retirement
  • Impact of Unreported Social Security Earnings on People of Color and Women
  • Care Credits: Race, Gender, Class, and Social Security Reform
  • The 2001 Minority Retirement Confidence Survey: Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Retirement
  • Best Practices: Planning for the Future
  • Low-Wage Service Workers and Retirement Security: Challenges of Income Adequacy and Financial Literacy

Authors: Robert B. Hudson, Chenoa Flippen, Marta Tienda, Kilolo Kijakazi, Pamela Herd, David M. Rajnes, and Judith G. Gonyea

Elder Abuse: New Approaches to an Age-Old Problem (Volume 12, Number 2)

  • Elder Abuse: New Approaches to an Age-Old Problem
  • Making an Issue of Elder Abuse
  • Program and Administrative Issues Affecting Adult Protective Services
  • The Legal System: Civil and Criminal Responses to Elder Abuse and Neglect
  • Elder Abuse and Neglect: Policy Issues for Two Very Different Problems
  • The Epidemiology of Elder Abuse and Neglect

Authors: Kathleen H. Wilber, Eric K. Nielsen, Robert B. Hudson, Joanne Marlatt Otto, Mary Joy Quinn, Candace J. Heisler, Terry Fulmer, Gregory Paveza, Lisa Guadagno, Laurence G. Branch

Aging in Rural America (Volume 12, Number 1)

  • Rural Health Care in Transition: The Role of Technology
  • Demographic Trends and Migration Issues for Rural Communities
  • Aging and Rural America
  • Community Services and Housing for Rural Elders
  • Transportation for the Elderly in Rural America
  • Examples of Good Transportation Systems
  • Aging and the Rural Economy

Authors: Linda Redford, David Cook, Charles F. Longino, Jr., Robert B. Hudson, John A. Krout, Jon E. Burkhardt, Judith I. Stallimann, Steve Deller, Martin Shields

Volume 11, Number 4

  • Beyond Health and Retirement: Placing Transportation on the Aging Policy Agenda
  • Understanding and Addressing Older People's Transportation Needs
  • Older Driver Relicensing Laws: The State of the States
  • Older Drivers and New In-Vehicle Technologies
  • Does Future Elderly Transportation Demand Pose a Pending Crisis?

Authors: Joseph F. Coughlin, Robert B. Hudson, Meredith Coley, Joachim Meyer, Sarah Bush

Volume 11, Number 3

  • Health Issues in Living Longer and Living Better
  • Living Longer, Living Better? Economic Status in Old Age
  • Living Longer, Living Better: The Challenge to Policy Makers
  • Living Longer, Living Better: The Policy Challenge of an Aging Workforce
  • Living Longer, Living Better: Policy Presumptions and New Family Structures

Authors: Marilyn Moon, Timothy M. Smeeding, Fay Lomax Cook, Gary Burtless, Joesph F. Quinn, Elizabeth A. Kutza

Volume 11, Number 2

  • Chronic and Disabling Conditions: The Economic Cost to Individuals and Society
  • Gender, Generations, and Chronic Conditions
  • Transitions
  • Challenges of Caring for Hispanic Elders

Authors: Karen Holden, Madonna Harrington Meyer, Robert B. Hudson, Jacqueline L. Angel

Volume 11, Number 1

  • Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children: Supportive Public Policies
  • Uniting Generations Through Public Policy
  • A Tale of Two Grandmothers: Child Welfare, TANF, and the Need for More Support for Kinship Care in Tennessee
  • Investing in Our Future
  • GrandFamilies House: An Innovative Approach to Addressing Needs of Custodial Grandparents
  • Sentencing the Senior-Citizen Offender: Age Bias or Warranted Leniency?

Authors: Ana Beltran, Robert B. Hudson, Elizabeth S. Black, Susan L. Brooks, Robert B. Friedland, Alison G. Gottlieb, Nina M. Silverstein, Darrell Steffenmeier

Volume 10, Number 4

  • "Aging in Place" in Prison: Health and LTC Needs of Older Inmates
  • Elders and the Criminal Justice System
  • Aging and Criminal Justice: Images and Institutions
  • The Long-Term Care Prison: A system Response to and Aging Inmate Population
  • The Policy Clock
  • Elderly Crime Victims: National Crime Victimization Survey

Authors: Cynthia Massie Mara, Christopher McKenna, Max B. Rothman, Burton D. Dunlop, Robert B. Hudson, Greg O'Neill

Volume 10, Number 3

  • Long-Term Care in Japan: A Window into the Future
  • Implementing Universal Long-Term Care Insurance in Germany
  • With Respect to Old Age - Findings on Long-Term Care in the U.K.
  • Australian Long-Term Care Proposals

Authors: Robyn I. Stone, Alison Evans, Joshua M. Wiener, Alan Davey, Elizabeth Ozanne

Volume 10, Number 2

  • Revisiting Demography Is Not Destiny
  • The Size of Government Relative to National Income
  • In the U.S., We've (Usually) Expected Our Elders to Remain Productive
  • The Shape of Things to Come
  • Budget Surpluses in the Face of an Aging Society
  • Turning Numbers into Workers: Aging Boomers in the Internet Age

Authors: W. Andrew Achenbaum, Robert Bixby, Robert B. Friedland, Sara E. Rix