Annual Scientific Meeting Program Working Groups

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Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education Workgroup: Dana Bradley, PhD, FAGHE, FGSA, University of Maryland–Baltimore County

  • Joann Montepare, Lasell University
  • Lauren Bouchard, Concordia University Chicago
  • Yan-jhu Su, University of MassachusettsBoston


Behavioral and Social Sciences Workgroup: Debra Umberson, PhD, FGSA, University of Texas

  • Shannon Jarrott, The Ohio State University
  • Jacqueline Angel, University of Texas at Austin
  • Karen Fingerman, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Briana Sprague, The University of Pittsburgh
  • Kylie Meyer, University of Texas Health Sciences at San Antonio


Biological Sciences Workgroup: Blanka Rogina, PhD, FGSA, University of Connecticut Health

  • Rozalyn Anderson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Viviana Perez, Oregon State University/Linus Pauling Institute
  • Nathan LeBrasseur, Mayo Clinic
  • Raul Castro-Portuguez, University of Arizona
  • Alice Kane, Harvard University


Emerging Scholar and Professional Organization Workgroup: Danielle Waldron, PhD, Stonehill College

  • Kalisha Bonds, Emory University
  • Aimee Fox, Colorado State University
  • Silvia Hernandez, Case Western Reserve University
  • Lisa Juckett, The Ohio State University
  • Lolita Nidadavolu, Johns Hopkins University
  • Dushani Palliyaguru, U.S. National Institute on Aging
  • Danielle Powell, Johns Hopkins University
  • Sharon Renner, Columbus State University


Health Sciences Workgroup: Christine Mueller, PhD, RN, FGSA, FAAN, University of Minnesota

  • Kristen Corazzini, University of Maryland School of Nursing
  • John Batsis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Beth Fields, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Ying-Ling Jao, Pennsylvania State University
  • Brianna Morgan, University of Pennsylvania
  • An Nguyen, Cedars Sinai Medical Center


Interdisciplinary Workgroup: Elham Mahmoudi, PhD, University of Michigan

  • Yijung Kim, The University of Texas at Austin


Social Research, Policy, and Practice Workgroup: Deborah Waldrop, PhD, FGSA, University at Buffalo

  • Debra Dobbs, University of South Florida
  • Jennifer May, University of Arizona
  • Vivian Miller, Bowling Green State University
  • Claire Pendergrast, Syracuse University
  • Cara Wallace, Saint Louis University
  • Sarah Dys, Portland State University



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