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Learn What’s Happening with NIA Grants and Funding

June 9, 2011

GSA welcomed National Institute on Aging Director Richard J. Hodes, MD, for a discussion on federal budget constraints, their impact on NIA, strategies his agency is employing to address them, and a look toward the future. Hodes also addressed the institute’s tight payline (an agency’s funding cutoff point for grant applications), an issue of great concern to the research community.

Presented by:

  • Richard J. Hodes, MD, director, National Institute on Aging

This webinar was co-sponsored by the Friends of the National Institute on Aging and the American Geriatrics Society, and was supported by the GSA Innovation Fund.

Advocacy Training for Take Action Week

September 13, 2011

In anticipation of September's Take Action Week, GSA's policy advisor, Brian Lindberg, led a conversation about how to advocate for federal research funding, and other issues important to GSA members. Lindberg discussed how to set-up a meeting with your Senator or Member of the House of Representatives, what to expect and how to prepare for the meeting, and the basics of communicating your message.

Presented by:

  • Brian Lindberg, MMHS, GSA policy advisor

Thinking Inside the Box:  A Strategic Approach to Message-Driven Posters

October 4, 2011

Scientific posters. You've seen them. You've created them. Now, it's time to look at them in a whole new way. GSA's Annual Scientific Meeting features several poster sessions, and many of you will have the opportunity to present your research and ideas to a large and varied audience. If you're interested in improving your poster and making the most of these sessions, join us for this interactive webinar featuring John Beilenson, president of Strategic Communications & Planning, who has been advising scientists about communications and their posters for more than a decade.

Presented by:

  • John Beilinson, president, Strategic Communications & Planning

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