Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Gerontology

Humanities, arts, and cultural gerontology scholars focusing on issues of aging are scattered across all academic disciplines. GSA’s Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Gerontology Advisory Panel seeks to cultivate a vibrant, supportive community that integrates these scholars so that they can work together and learn from each other.

To aid these efforts, GSA offers eminent opportunities:

  • to publish through The Gerontologist (a highly respected academic journal that provides a multidisciplinary perspective on human aging)
  • to present work at the Annual Scientific Meeting held each November
  • to develop networks with others in the field

Many scholars who work in this domain have academic backgrounds in the humanities, ranging from traditional disciplines as history, literature, theology, and philosophy, to more recent ones such as cultural studies, disability studies, narrative studies, gender studies, performance studies, theatre studies, environmental studies, architecture, or linguistics.

They may address such topics as:

  • How has old age been portrayed at various points in the past?
  • What tropes of aging continue to form our current views and experiences of growing old?
  • How can alternative images of aging be conceived?
  • How can scarce resources be justly allocated in an aging society?
  • Are there differences between the narratives of older women and men?

If you are a scholar of one of the humanities and arts disciplines and are interested in aging, later life, and the question of old age, consider joining GSA.  You’ll find a new place and a warm welcome within the Society.

View the current Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Gerontology Advisory Panel roster here



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