Communicating with Older Adults

Publication Series

GSA offers the Communicating with Older Adults publication series. Each installment is intended for any professional who seeks to have the best possible interactions with older adults. They cover the broad range of communication issues experienced by older adults and health care providers, and give concrete suggestions for dealing with problems when they arise.

Current Titles

  • Communicating with Older Adults: An Evidence-Based Review of What Really Works
  • Communicating with Older Adults: Recognizing Hidden Traps in Health Care Decision Making

Video Vignette

Effective communication is the foundation upon which all positive patient care interactions are based. But changes in vision, hearing, and cognitive processing can present challenges to effective communication between health care providers and older adults. A three-minute video from GSA details examples of major communication challenges and specific recommendations to overcome them. The recommendations are based on GSA’s highly popular publication "Communicating with Older Adults: An Evidence-based Review of What Really Works." The video is intended for any healthcare professional that interacts with older adults and was supported by Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc.

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